Louise RC CR-CHAMP 1-10 Crawler Tires Super Soft


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Louise RC CR-CHAMP 1-10 Crawler Tires Super Soft

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The inserts are selected in a specific density and size in order to guarantee perfect dampening and form stability of the tire.

CRAWLER Compound
Crawler tires have a totally different tire structure and the rubber compound is very special for its specific use. The tire must be very flexible in order to be able to overcome the obstacles, but it must also give a lot of grip on the different surfaces. Crawlers are driven at a slow pace and the obstacles have to be conquered, so the tires are crucial for a successful crawler trip.

The Louise RC crawler tires are a reference amongst crawler drivers. If you are looking for an excellent grip on all possible different surfaces, then the Louise RC crawler tires are the right choice.

Tech Specs
o Car Type: 1/10 Crawler
o Tire Techn.: Standard
o Tire Compound: Crawler – Super Soft
o Tire Size: 121x46mm
o Tire Weight (1): 106g

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