Crazy Crawler LaserFoam 1.9 R116x40 Heavy Duty (2 Pcs)


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Crazy Crawler LaserFoam 1.9 R116x40 Heavy Duty (2 Pcs)

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Precisely cut tire inserts 1.9 for 1:10 scalers and crawlers with 28 points

-Heavy Duty version for vehicles from approx. 3.5 kg to approx. 4.5 kg total weight

-Outside diameter (prong end): 116 mm

-Inner diameter: 50 mm

-Width: 40mm Weight: 14g / pc

The Crazy Crawler LaserFoams 1.9 R116x40 Heavy Duty are precisely cut tire inserts made of medium-strength, durable foam. They give the 1.9 tire significantly more grip and lateral stability while remaining grippy on the tread. The material and shape of the cut ensure that stable tire contact with the ground only takes place in the immediate tread area, which ensures the best driving characteristics and a scaled look. The so-called walking, which twists the tire and can lead to uncontrolled driving behavior in extreme situations, is avoided.

Crazy Crawler LaserFoams remain stable, especially when driving diagonally with a large inclination of the scaler or crawler. The tire does not slide over the flank onto the rim. The vehicle does not tip over due to this slip impulse and offers significantly improved performance.

With Crazy Crawler Heavy Duty LaserFoams, the rim, insert and tire are a solid unit without twisting or slipping. The perfect prerequisite for every challenge in the field. Thanks to the 50 mm inner diameter, the LaserFoams Heavy Duty can be conveniently pulled over any rim, even if it is “worn out”. The LaserFoams should not be exposed to permanent moisture over a long period (several months).

Scope of delivery: 1 set = 2 pieces

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